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Welcome to Insure Emirates
Insure Emirates is UAE's prominent online life insurance aggregator. We are specialized in making comparative analysis of the insurance products of various insurance policies based on price, quality and key benefits. Our unique comparative system boosts our credibility.

We empower customers with comparative and accurate information on Insurance products combined with solution driven customer service. Our technology backed service is convincing and adds value to our customers. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technical capabilities, we develop solutions leading to financial security and competitive returns. is an one stop solution for everything you ever wanted to know about insurance! Apart from being the knowledge hub, we also help
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What Is Life Insurance?
Life insurance offers a way to replace the loss of income that occurs when someone dies (usually the person who produces the majority of income in a family situation). It is a contract between
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Do You Really Need Life Insurance?
Yes. If there is someone who would suffer from economic hardship if you died, then the answer is yes... you need life insurance! Families with young children have a clear need for life insurance.
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Do I get Global Cover if I buy Insurance in UAE?
Yes. There are some Insurance Companies which provide Global Cover.
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