The Shree Vondh Gaushala is launched by a group of individuals who helping ill Cows. Vondh Gaushala is located in Vondh (Kutch) in India. Shree Vondh Gaushala is Registered Community by Government of India.

Shree Vondh Gaushala has more than 3000 Cows. Our community development approach to care of ill cows to be healthy.

We recognise that making real improvements in cows health lives means working at both a local and all around India on the underlying causes of poverty in the developing world.

The Goshala the Holy, Intellectual & Spiritual complex being made to know about our Universal Mother "THE COW" in our Fast Kalyug Life. It is the concept of the need for dissemination of knowledge on which the center is based. If it can spark an interest in the philiosophy and outlook of the Indian spiritual system, then it would be very major milestone and a meaningful contribution towards Progress & Prosperity based on a truly invigorating spiritual experience.

Cows in India are not just animals, but are revered as one of the icons of the country's culture.