Google Adwords


Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click advertising program offered by Google. We as google partners, offer complete support right from creating the ad campaign to managing and running it successfully.

This advertising method is by far the most budget friendly and return oriented ad program. Here you can choose the budget that you want to invest per month in google ads. We charge just the management fees above the budget that you will allot.


Our job is to see that your ad is targeted to the highest relevant keywords with the most traffic generation ones. We also see that the per click charge that you pay to google for every visitor on your site is also the least possible, in-turn saving you a lot of money.

With Google Adwords you can set the desired locations where you want to show your ad, daily budget, ad show timing e.g. 10am to 7pm.

This campaign is suggested to those who are just entering the online ad campaign and want to have a taste of results from low budgets.


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